Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Ironies that pervaded the Human mind

I woke up
And frightened
with a dream
to hear the clock struck two
and a dog howls.
I looked around-
and around me
Nothing but darkness
and darkness only
that I couldn't see anything.
With fear
and frustration
I contemplate the dream
that hath disturbed me-
body and soul.

I saw some four
demon like figures
encircling me
and waiting-
Waiting for no reason ?...

The First one that stood
The Heaven and Hell
with projected teeth
and blood-shot eyes
as though in fancy
something that I couldn't

The one
right to her
half hidden in mist
with one bosom
only one-
that heaves enormously
looked heavily
into my eyes
that sight
I couldn't stand and stare.

Another one
playing a Flute ? - or some
musical instrument
plays a horrible tune
that suddenly falleth and riseth
As the swaying of her hip.

The Last one-
the prettiest of all
of course-
the beautious
hath sunken eyes
and nostrils like channels
and three she hath
instead of two.
And leans towards me
as though to whisper something to me...

I shook my head
And my body did treamble
and burning
I looked again round and round
And nothing visible
Except shades
of darkness
And of hopelessness.

                                                                          M.A. Peeroli, M.A. B.L.,
                                                                                      25 th Sep 2011.


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