Wednesday, 14 September 2011


the blessed spirit
while I sat on thy lap
thy send noble children
one after another
Clothed in heavenly brightness
to heel my wounds at heart.
But poor things
they could only wash my feet
with trickling tears
in vain pursuit.
I felt my heart
more than thy roarings
at the human foibles.

I looked deep into
thy fathom
in measure
whether I can get
A flicker of hope
that may aid thy noble born
in soothing the pain
Raging within selves

where art thy helping hands
I felt the blossoms spread
around me.
Turned and looked around
and saw
Two lovely flowers
smiling at me
pleasant and lovely
a sight enduring
Noble and holy:

Where they have come from
No trace-
I thought
as though answered
What a hope
they sway along the breeze
As the rhythm
Of a violin well tuned.
Now I heard them
speak in a voice
Melodious and Sweet
among themselves
and addressed me
in a tone friendly.
Felt I to be living force 
and tried to conceive
Their Languages
that sounded strange and new.

My heart
Spoke to me
Oh! man
Miss them not
that are not ordinary being
But blessed
with heavenly graces.

Is it so
I sharpened my senses
and looked ever deep
into their very being
What a ecstatic joy
And the Vision.
                                                            By Mohamed Adam Peeroli
                                                                               14 th Sep 2011

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