Thursday, 13 October 2011


I am thrown upon
     my ideal world
Where no miseries
    have their hold
Encircled by the trembling
lovely spots
pleasing scenes
where beauty sparks;
    Nature speaks
Of untold tales to the senses.
And play upon the
    vein of dreams.
The gentle breeze
    sprays leaves on the lands;
    Flowers scattered
    Seeds sowed;
Herbs spread out
    gentle perfumes;
Beauty walks in a triumphant march
    gets adorned and admired:
Day withdraws;
    Night befalls
Heaven seems to drink
    the serenity
    in all her ways
Wish to have a claim over it.

Stars mock at the selfish act
And hide their
    behind the sky-sheet.
New born baby appears
    in her best
And chases the prince of day
    to the west;
Tosses the frosty clouds
    before the eyes.
Thunder and lightening 
     threaten the maiden-weak;
Subtle lady plays
    the game-hide and seek.
Sends the sea,
   waves to embrace
Fail and fall
    without any trace.

Oh! my dear-dear fair lady-
How I love thee;
you are so moody.
Come and give me
    signs of love
I will give thee
    fruits of hope.
Show me not the
   saddest thought
That will draw away my
    poetic thought.
Don't you see me
   where I stand
You are far away
   from my hand.
I will live but for you;
   why not send
the noble tidings-
   to get thee reach.

Don't you care to
   fulfill my wish
To thee submit I
   in anguish.
And fades away the
   Of my dream
Leaving me behind,
    Far away-
    near the stream.
                                                          Mohamed Adam Peeroli
                                                                 14 th  October 2011.

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