Saturday, 8 October 2011


Autumn comes;
    Withers away my
    Fruitful dreams
Winter comes;
    drives away
    my pleasant thoughts
Spring comes;
    sums up all my
    present hopes
If Summer comes
    What will
    be my position ?...

Nothing in me,
    but for passion
I live mortal;
    who is immortal?..
Pleasant memories
    fear to face me
I still bear
    the soul for thee.
When do you come?
    then I immortal…

See we together
    golden ages
And sing we together
    Eden Notes
Arm in arm arrive
    at paradise.

Where Adam and Eve
    were imparadised
In one another’s arms;
    But thou art my heaven
In whom with all my
    Thy beauty is inter-woven.
Both will together
    view the world
And come to know
    but all are old:
Thou and I ever
    Ever be youthful
And will see
    the passing years.

Lend my ears
    But for your
    music notes,
    that will bring forth-
Manna dews;
But I see my heaven in you
Will thou come and
    share my views?

Why not melt thy
    Heart to me
Don’t you know my love?
    I bear for thee.
Sweety – Chant
    Come to my side
Sleep I, immortal
    on thy lap.

                 Mohamed Adam Peeroli
                     8 th October 2011

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